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Finding The Best Equipment for Your Baseball Season

There are so many types of equipment in the game of baseball. Every player needs specific gear for their position, such as a glove and a pair of cleats. However, going out there and searching for the highest of qualities, you’ll need to find the best baseball equipment reviews guides. Baseball is a game of consistent effort and toughness and in order to accomplish those successful traits, you will need great equipment.

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The Glove

Finding a great glove isn’t as easy as it sounds. You will need to find out what size your hand is and what type of leather you are looking for. The type of leather depends on how strong you want the glove to be made.

First of all, your glove is everything in baseball. Especially if you play infield, outfield or catcher. Pitcher’s need something that’s comfortable and that hides the ball, but they don’t need as good of a glove as an infielder would need.

Second, the mitt you choose should reflect who you are and what you stand for. Playing baseball should be a representation of yourself on the diamond. Never give up attitudes should be embraced. Your glove shouldn’t give up on you.

For that reason, players today are looking for the highest quality mitt. A glove that will help them make plays through the toughest of conditions and most pressure situations.

There are different sizes for specific positions. Not all gloves are created equal, and you shouldn’t treat it that way at all. Sometimes having too big of a glove for an infielder will cause the ball to come out slower than if that player had a smaller mitt.

Typically, outfielders have larger mitts and infielders have smaller ones. This is because they are fundamentally different positions.

For infielders, they need to field ground balls and get the ball out of their glove, into their hand and throw it as fast as possible. Quick releases are essential, and the amount of time it takes a short stop, second or third baseman to get the ball out of their gloves the quickest will ultimately be the best fielders.

Outfielders, on the other hand, need bigger mitts because they tend to catch fly balls more than field grounders. They need to be able to cover a deeper part of the park and they don’t need as quick of a release than infielders. To be an outfielder, you’ll need some serious arm talent.

The Cleats

Cleats are an everyday thing, just like the glove. Players should look for the top brands in today’s competitive market. They should also look for comfortable spikes because they will be in them all season long.

Once you break in a good pair of cleats, you will love them forever. This is assuming they stay strong and don’t fall apart.

There are really two options to choose from. Metal spikes or molded. Metal spikes help you dig into the dirt a little easier, providing really good grip when you’re running the bases, up to bat, or playing the field.

Molded cleats are a much safer option and are lighter than metal spikes. You won’t get as much grip as you would metal, but the grip is still workable.

Other Equipment

There are many other pieces of equipment, such as:

  • Elbow Guards
  • Bats
  • Batting Gloves
  • Wood Bats
  • Sliding Shorts
  • Wristbands
  • Helmets

You should always follow a solid review guide for all of your equipment needs. Always remember… in today’s fierce baseball game, in order to compete at a high level, you’ll need the top baseball equipment.

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