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Gautam Gambhir vs Virat Kohli

Sometimes Gambhir loses his cool like last night he did with playing against RCB , Kohli was walking slowly for 1 run when RCB Req 3 runs to win and Stay in Competition, Gambhir thrown the ball not to hit the Stumps but to hit Kohli yeah that is what happened shocking , though Virat didn't lose his cool and was seen smiling at Gambhir .
Later When the Match Finished RCB won By 9 wickets , Virat was seen Discussing that issue with Yousuf Pathan.
This is not the 1st time happened between Kohli and Gambhir in the same season when KKR Played Against RCB on 2nd May 2016 Gambhir was seen Kicking the Chair After Kolkatta Hitting the Winning Runs Gambhir need to Control his Attitude. When You are a good player and you do this types of things will not suit you and noone will support you .
We hope everything will be ok between the two because they both are from same country. The Incidents happen on the Field should not remain in Personal both are good talented cricketers . Specially Gambhir because he is senior to Kohli.

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